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If you're like us you'll like to know a little bit more about where the food and drink you are buying comes from so on this page we will keep you updated on our current suppliers along with website where they exist so you can read more about them.

Our daily vegetable, salad and milk supplies come from Total Produce in Bristol

We use Andrew Butler the Fairford Butcher for our chicken, ham and sausages.

Cheese is supplied by Hania Cheese (Ken at Fairford's Wednesday Market) and Cheltenham Cheese.

Netherend Butter and Wayside Poultry provide our butter and free range eggs.

The litres of organic milk we use each week are from Bruton Dairy

Pesto, Thai marinade, red onion marmalade and of course our brownies are all made by Simon and I'll think you'll agree that you can't get better!

If you would like to buy a pot of pesto or the red onion marmalade don't be afraid to ask.

Cotteswold Dairy
Garden Fresh Produce
Great Farm

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